Hiring Policies

REF-No 182824___ – 20__
The Heaventtier Insurance Burial Fund, represented by its Executive Director, (CEO ) signs this Funeral Insurance Provision Contract with:
Names and Surnames: ___________ _ with Id ( cc) No Lic , Passport _ domiciled in __________COUNTRY CITY _
Relationship to deceased: ,
Email: ____
Telephone numbers:
1_________ 2_________ 3___________
___________ _ with Id ( cc) No _ Lic Passport _
Living in ___________ _ Email 1._________2._
Deportation payment method: CASH _ DIRECT DEPOSIT _ CREDIT CARD _ DATE MONTH _ DAY _ YEAR 20_

Relationship _Names and Surnames ________Telephone _____
Names and Surnames: :______________
_ Id ( cc ) No , Lic _____Passport ___
relationship with the owner:_ age: years, of Civil Status according to Id ( cc ): born in
last address: : COUNTRY CITY Date of Birth:
, Date of Death:_ Time of Death__ Place of death: : Causes of death: :____
_ 4.- GOODS AND SERVICES GRANTED TO THE HOLDER PERSONNEL (MILITARY- CIVIL) AND/OR CONTRACTING: Being the holder and/or beneficiary in the condition of active contributor to HEAVENTTIER .COM, the parties agree that HEAVENTTIER.COM INSURANCE will provide to the applicant or contracting the services of Heaventtier Funeral Insurance. , consisting of:

  • Suitable personnel for the process of transferring the body from the place of death
    to the facilities of the entity that will provide the repatriation service.
  • Legal procedures, consular translations necessary for the repatriation and transfers
    of the body.
  • Process of preparation of the body, embalming and thanatopraxy
  • Legal procedures for customs clearance for the delivery of the body at the nearest
    international airport of the final destination.
  • Supply coffin or coffin with the specifications required for the repatriation or
    expatriation process.
  • Protection cover for lining the coffin for air transport.
  • Special packaging of the coffin for air transport.
  • Coverage of repatriation costs from the place of death to the Republic of Colombia
    or destination country. • Air transportation for the body from the country of death to the Republic of Colombia or destination country
    The International funeral forecast service includes the release of the body at the destination international airport.
  • Basic Services: Notary, civil and ecclesiastical proceedings, transfer of the body within the urban perimeter of the country of repatriation or one hundred and thirty (130) km around, personnel during the service, adequate preservation of the body (thanatopraxia), supplies of implements required for viewing, hearse to take to cremation or burial service, funeral invitation signs, courtship service, parish dues, supply of sympathy cards, attendance record book, floral arrangement, ribbon with name of Deceased, Wood-type chest (except American chests). Includes rental of chest and urn for ashes in case of cremation.
  • Vigil Room: Own for up to 24 hours or free choice in the metropolitan area for up to 12 hours or surrounding municipalities as long as it is available.
  • Final Destination: For burial service in lot or vault for four (4) years, assistance of up to two (2) S.M.M.L.V For cremation assistance of up to two (2) S.M.M.L.V at the departmental and national level. Destination Country.
  • Musical accompaniment: Choir
  • Transportation for companions: From the place of vigil to the final destination within the urban perimeter and you can select between two (2) options:
    a) Four (4) private vehicles and one (1) bus.
    b) Two (2) buses, driven by our staff and under the responsibility of Heaventtier Insurance. Or its logistics partners .
  • Psychological accompaniment in the grieving process. • Agreements and benefits in household, education, health and tourism entities.
    At the International level Repatriation and Activation of the Heaventtier Funeral Insurance from installment number 12 twelve of the 12 twelfth month for Colombian citizens and for other Latam nationals 18 months and installment number 18 which must be paid the first 5 days of each month without intervals or extensions to comply with the repatriation insurance activation process or proposed and contracted services which are mentioned in this contract ,and have been duly documented and are known to the parties.
    The activation of Heaventtier Funeral Repatriation insurance applies for any type of death after making the payment in case of accidental or violent death and * 12 twelve months for Colombians and 18 months for compatriots, that is, citizens of any other country * due to natural death or pre-existing
    Important :
    In the event that death from any cause occurs before meeting the minimum activation dates proposed and described in this document, the Heaventtier Funeral Insurance service will not be responsible for the transfers or contracted processes ,and the parties are aware of this. which is released from any type of remuneration or demand of any kind by the contracting party or parties to the Heaventtier Insurance , ( heaventtier.com).
    B – It is made that for the application and activation of the funeral insurance service, the current payment commitments must be maintained and on the established dates without any delay, since in case of presenting a delay in payments ,within the established dates, a Immediate deactivation and if a death occurs, the contracted service cannot be processed if not until 90 days after having met the minimum activation period of 12 months for Colombians (365 days) or 18 months for Latam compatriots 548 days citizens of another Country .
    Monthly insurance amount for person $ USD__ Additional Family person per month $ 9.75 USD Activation Yes _ No #_ Date of hire : ( MM__ DAY _ YEAR 20_ ) Monthly payment dates :first five days of each month Service activation date : ( MM__ DAY _ YEAR 20_ ) TOTAL PAY $ _ USD Heaventtier Insurance International . Family Coverage
    Name: _____ Name: ______
    Level 2 Shared
    The owner and/or Contractor should preferably indicate the name of the person to whom the second level would beInernational granted: ___________ b.- Cremation:
    HEAVENTTIER Coverage
    Columbarium: yes no_ Place:_______
    Horizontal Vertical home Color: Burial or Cremation
    Date: __________Time:_
    c.- Wake:
    Room (coverage) Address
    Wake _____________
    _ Wake references: _______________ _ d.- Coffin:
    e.- Corpse Treatment: But Conditioning/formalization f.- Ardent Chapel:
    Not Coverage semi-flawed
    Color: __
    Candles Christ (image) Parantes de Manto Card Holder spotlights
    tanato-aesthetic treatment
    Yeah Code (1-8) chandeliers Easel Mantle
    g.- Vehicles:
    Vehicle for the transfer of the burning chapel and corpse h.- Chargers:
    Yes No Company: ________ i.- Administrative Procedures before the RENIEC:
    j.- Transfer of the coffin from the city of to or_______
    1) I DECLARE: I know that when I do not use the grave or niche of HEAVENTTIER INSURANCE, it will pay directly for said concepts to the Cemetery, Municipality, Public Charity and Funeral Homes that have a valid Contract in the province up to the maximum amount established in the current coverage table.
    Support of Christ Porta.sign Crossbar
    Portrait kneeler
    Floral Companion (11 passengers approx.)
    2) I DECLARE: I am aware that any payment and/or reimbursement must be supported by documentation of accounting and legal value in the name of HEAVENTTIER INSURANCE BURIAL FUND AND ITS LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE with the description of the service provided, otherwise I authorize the discount of my salaries and/or pensions or be charged to my monthly contributions for said concepts until their total cancellation.
    3) I DECLARE: I know that the use of the Carroza vehicle for the transport of floral arrangements and others is prohibited, as well as in routes not established or authorized.
    . 4) I DECLARE: Knowing that after the service received, I am in the condition of MANDATORY AFFILIATE of HEAVENTTIER INSURANCE, committing myself in merit to the provisions of
    art. 1951- 1956 – 19728 of the Civil Code as a Unilateral Promise, to assume the monthly payment of the contributions or the total amount of the value of the services received, authorizing HEAVENTTIER to make discounts on my salaries and/or pensions or charged to my monthly contributions, until the amount is covered. of what is owed, plus the accrued interest up to the date of its collection.
    5) I ACCEPT AND COMMIT: Assume the total cost for deterioration or loss of the Burning Chapel, its components and other delivered accessories, the same ones that are indicated in section f.-, paying at the Bank authorized by HEAVENTTIER AND ITS REPRESENTATIVE LEGAL, otherwise I authorize discounts to be made in my assets and/or pensions or to be charged to my monthly contributions, until the amount owed is covered.
    6) I ACCEPT: By not making use of the cremation service provided by HEAVENTTIER INSURANCE, only the Crematorium will be recognized and paid directly up to the maximum amount established in the current Coverage Chart.
    7 I DECLARE: I know that the use of the columbarium will be according to the availability of HEAVENTTIER INSURANCE.
    8) I DECLARE: Knowing that the used coffin will not be returned to HEAVENTTIER INSURANCE, for Public Health reasons.
    10) I ACCEPT: Assume the costs for embalming and DISA authorization when the burial or cremation is carried out after 48 hours of the deceased.
    9) I ACCEPT: Assume the amounts that exceed the maximum amounts established in the current coverage chart. 12) I DECLARE: I know that the Holder and/or beneficiary relatives who have debts of the contributions, will not be able to continue
    affiliated with HEAVENTTIER INSURANCE, according to current regulations.
    10) I AUTHORIZE: HEAVENTTIER INSURANCE to use or dispose of the reserved niche or tomb, when the owner, applicant, contracting party or beneficiary has debts from their contributions and/or has been dismissed in accordance with current regulations.
    11) I AUTHORIZE: HEAVENTTIER INSURANCE, to use or dispose of the niche or reserved grave, in case it has been cremated or buried elsewhere.
    12) I AUTHORIZE: Receive information through the HEAVENTTIER.COM platform (text messages, emails, or physical letters) in the case of not complying with my contributions to HEAVENTTIER INSURANCE.
    All the processes and accompaniments of Heaventtier insurance are carried out directly by Heaventtier under supervision and accompaniment and assigned allies around the world ,under the supervision of the parent company, and it is known to the contracting party and is notified under contract.
    Allies, New Zealand, London , New York; Miami fl, Colombia ,Latatam. Others.
    Note: The information presented in this document is of a CONFIDENTIAL nature, its reproduction to third parties is prohibited without the prior written approval of the issuer and is protected under American’s international and United States policies. 14) I ACCEPT: The inclusion of the report of my debts in the database of DATA AND CREDIT CENTERS AT THE NATIONAL NIEL OR DESTINATION COUNTRY.
    Country _ city date ,Month _ day year 20__

Last Name / Name : Id ( cc) N°: Passport:
Address :
Mobil : Country: City: Email :
_ Exc , Insurance Heaventtier:

Email [email protected]
International Brokers Global
Branch office
wejscie od, Twarda, Sienna 44, 00-831
Warszawa, Polonia
Date this day of __20